December is here a little early! Broughton Street is already lit up with beautiful twinkle lights and we can almost see the tree from our corner! Our December menus are some of the best for sure. Almost everything on the menu for… Read More

This is our busiest time of the year for us. But we love seeing our annual visitors and famous faces! So, we’re a little late to posting our November menu- but boy are there some amazing things to try out.  So many… Read More

with the year! It’s already June and it certainly feels like it outside. This month’s menu (which starts early on May 31)  has a ton of old favorites from last June. This includes our Smoked Salmon Salad featuring fresh-picked berries atop a generous helping of smoked salmon…. Read More

Our February menu will start right on time this month! Folks loved our addition of crab last February…. so most of what we have this month is making a return appearance! We’ll have our savannah-style crab cakes as well as our house-made… Read More

We’re feelin’ blue this month- but in a good way! Blueberries are ready (despite that weird cold snap we had in May) so we’ve loaded them in some of our favorite returning items. My Boy Blue is making a comeback as our salad of… Read More

We start every January with a completely revamped menu full of healthy options! We’re welcoming back our avocado toast “Dancin’ to a Different Beet” but this time we have a yummy beet-almond pesto to go with the Ezekiel bread, avocado, red onion,… Read More

Welcome to September! The air is cooling down ever so slightly (days in the 90s not triple digits!) and we’re eagerly anticipating Fall. This in-between month can be challenging for us but we hope you like what we’ve pulled together! This month’s… Read More

August is our month for iconic Georgia flavors! First,  there are peaches. So many peaches! We’ve thrown them in everything- iced tea, cobblers, pies. We can’t get enough of them when they’re in season. Of course, this means the return of the… Read More

(Like what i did there?) We’ve shared the season’s strawberries… then blackberries… now we get BLUEBERRIES. This is probably the best berry of the bunch. So versatile! We’ve already made (and sold) a batch of blueberry cobblers and we’ve tossed a handful in our infused iced… Read More

This month we are bringing in the freshest flavors from Savannah’s early summer harvest! Our Smoked Salmon Salad  features fresh-picked blackberries atop a generous helping of smoked salmon. The cool salmon is perfect for our warmer June days. Several of our sandwiches this month… Read More