with the year! It’s already June and it certainly feels like it outside. This month’s menu (which starts early on May 31)  has a ton of old favorites from last June. This includes our Smoked Salmon Salad featuring fresh-picked berries atop a generous helping of smoked salmon. The cooled salmon is perfect for our warmer June days. Several of our sandwiches this month also features farm-fresh fruits and vegetables that you can only get this time of year.

Two of our newest (and most interesting additions) come from the creative guys in the back-of-the-house. Our grilled cheese of the month is A Waffle Lotta Goodness which replaces our traditional ciabatta with a pecan waffle. It’s then smothered in brie and bacon jam and served with a curiously familiar maple dipping sauce. We also added our version of a southern classic chicken and waffles  (Quit Your Wafflin’) except our version has an awesome maple mustard aioli.


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