tygeypsvftnotdxlwtopagsb8lvbfnwruwrydj68dw4px92ibDecember is here! Broughton Street is already lit up with beautiful twinkle lights and we can almost see the tree from our corner!

Our December menus are some of the best for sure. Almost everything on the menu for this month was on the menu last year! There would be a mutiny from my staff if I didn’t do the Candied Porker for the FIFTH year running. This is our annual candied bacon grilled cheese of the month. The candied bacon is made (painstakingly, I might add) in-house and smothered with smoked gouda and provolone. We’re also welcoming back Roastin’ on an Open Fiya salad! This has roasted chestnuts, clementines, bacon, and feta topped with a pomegranate dressing. Where else in Savannah can you find real roasted chestnuts on a salad?!

The only semi-newbie this month is our Buddha Bowl! This month we’re doing an insta-worth bowl of mushroom saged quinoa, sweet potatoes, roasted chestnuts, dried cranberries, spinach, and red onions. We named it Reindeer Chow because of all the festive colors and ingredients.

Don’t forget we have holiday baskets made-to-order! Email us at mail@districtcafeandeatery.com! 



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