Our February menu starts right on time this month!

Folks loved our addition of crab last February…. so most of what we have this month is making a return appearance! We’ll have our savannah-style crab cakes as well as our house-made crab and mango salad if you want something completely different from our usual offerings. Some other returning items including those like “Roz’s Treasure”- which we named after one of our favorite customers who gave us the idea. Our grilled cheese of the month will be the deliciously creamy “Nutty Nord” with the mild, Norweigan Jarlsberg Cheese.

The new addition to this menu is inevitably our Buddha Bowl of the month. This month’s bowl was inspired by some yummy vegan sushi one of our employees had out of town. The bowl will feature a black, forbidden rice base with cilantro and lime flavor. Surrounding it will be avocado, mango, red cabbage, and red onion. So delicious!



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